We Speak Plain English, Not Technobabble

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Local, Friendly, Trusted, Independent Since 2004

So you want to buy a new computer. We listen to how you use your computer. After we understand your needs, we shop on your behalf, often saving you time, aggravation and money. We don't markup your computer. You pay what we pay.

When our regional technical high school's robotic team prepares for their upcoming competition. We provide parts and a little bit of financial support.

It's about being part of a community. We treat everyone the same way we want to be treated (Click the YouTube icon to the left to hear what our customers say).

Yes, we have decades of hardware, software and networking experience as we all worked in global technology companies before. But what we love is helping people and local businesses.

Visiting Geeks customers know they'll always receive a warm reception every time they call. And in most instances, there will be a warm and responsive person answering the phone, not voice mail. We take a more holistic and broader perspective on technology. We want to make your contemporary life less chaotic, more robust and most importantly, more private.

We don't have answers to everything. As our owner always say, the more we learn, the less we know. We always ask, listen and think before we answer.


Our Team


" Dick is just a Computer Nerd. He has been in the computer industry for, uh, a long long time. He brings an in-depth knowledge and a common sense approach to IT services for home, SOHO professionals and enterprising businesses. He graduated with a S.B. in Computer Engineering at M.I.T. and received MIT xPro's certificate in Cybersecurity recently.


"Nancy hails from Newburyport. She seems to know everyone. Nancy has 20+ years of experience in adminstrative support. She's very friendly. Our customers love her because she always call them back promptly...


"Scott is our go-to braintrust. He has been supporting Windows servers and all kinds of networking environment for 15+ years. He loves working with people and translates techno jargon into normal language...


" Jeff has been a technician for 20+ years. He worked at Sun Microsystems for quite some time. We keep Jeff on the road most of the time to fix computers...


" Mary left Visiting Geeks after keeping us sane for 5 years. Customers love her but her family needs her more. She moved to Pennsylvania and now tutors Math and stays close to her grandchildren...


" Will started working for Visiting Geeks in his high school sophomore year. He keeps us old folks abreast of the new and exciting social media. Will is in college and majoring in computer networking...