Computer Professionals that Listen.


Local, Friendly, Trusted, Family-owned Since 2004

We’re family-owned and offer a level of personal service most other computer repair companies cannot. For us, it’s not a numbers game. Instead, we’re focused on building relationships with one customer at a time. Ultimately, we know that if you’re satisfied with our computer repair services that you’ll call us again for a future computer project and refer us your friends, family and associates. Visiting Geeks customers know they’ll always receive a warm reception every time they call. And in most instances, there will be a warm and responsive person answering the phone, not voice mail.

All Visiting Geeks computer technicians are experienced, friendly, patient and understanding individuals. You need more than a 10-month computer certificate to be a Visiting Geek! You need real-world experience. In fact, hands-on computer experience is really the only way to acquire the knowledge that’s necessary to troubleshoot the mass of computer problems that arise every day. Said another way -- In order to solve peoples’ problems, you need to be able to look at the larger solution, rather than the particular problem. The ability to do so only comes from years of experience. It also helps that our owner graduated from MIT with a computer enginerring degree.

P.S. The pictures below are stock photos and not us. We have more wrinkles and are camera shy.


Our Team



" Dick is just a Computer Nerd. He has been in the computer industry for, uh, a long long time. He brings an in-depth knowledge and a common sense approach to IT services for home, SOHO professionals and enterprising businesses. He graduated with a S.B. in Computer Engineering at M.I.T. and an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. Recently received MIT xPro certificate in Cybersecurity.

Office Manager


"Nancy hails from Newburyport. She seems to know everyone. Nancy has 20+ years of experience in adminstrative support. She's very friendly. Our customers love her because she always call them back promptly...

Chief Technician


"Scott is our go-to braintrust. He has been supporting Windows servers and all kinds of networking environment for 15+ years. He loves working with people and translates techno jargon into normal language...



" Jeff has been a technician for 20+ years. He worked at Sun Microsystems for quite some time. We keep Jeff on the road most of the time to fix computers...



" Mary left Visiting Geeks after keeping us sane for 5 years. Customers love her but her family needs her more. She moved to Pennsylvania and now tutors Math and stays close to her grandchildren...



" Will started working for Visiting Geeks in his high school sophomore year. He keeps us old folks abreast of the new and exciting social media. Will is in college and majoring in computer networking...